RIYA Co. is proud to present a new line of Laser Graphics Controllers -  RIYA PCI Pro.
This new hardware architecture allows for parallel transfer of input and output data in real time at tremendous speeds. The card outputs independently from PC CPU operations. This means that the card outputs by itself and the scanning speed is not dependent on the PC speed. The system supports Windows multi-program modes and delivers the highest available speed of 200,000points per second.
Windows98/Millenium/NT/2000/XP, Linux drivers and the SDK (System Design Kit) are included.
The SDK includes full command descriptions and demo programs. RIYA Co. accures full support of our products. Our qualified staff has extensive experience in C++ and Pascal (Delphi). We will help you in your installation and integration of our system to your software.
This power of this sytem will significantly improve your software capabilities and performance.

Our company are looking for the partners, software developers for creation of joint systems for laser show.

RIYA PCI Pro card

 RIYA PCI Pro card

Compatibility with ILDA standard Yes
Number of channels One
Number of cards that can be installed per computer 4
Max output speed 200 000
Max frame size (points) 16 000
X/Y DAC outputs 12 bit, differential amps
(-5V to +5V)
Z DAC (depth, for stereoscopic laser display) 12 bit, differential amps
(-5V to +5V)
8 bit, differential drivers
(0V to +2.5V, 0V to -2.5V)
INTENSITY output 8 bit, differential drivers
(0V to +2.5V, 0V to -2.5V)
SHUTTER output 8 bit, single-ended amps, 0 to +5V
and TTL
TTL outputs 16 bit
TTL inputs 16 bit
DMX outputs (isolated) 2 channels
DMX inputs (isolated) 1 channel
Video sync input Yes
Music input (position and gain modulation) Yes
TTL safety input (hardware shutdown in case of error) Yes
Split-Bit (scanhead 1 or scanhead 2 select) Yes


For more detailed information about our RIYA PCI Pro card, click here (~ 165K)

General Information: info@riyalasers.com